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How to Level Faster
Sep 10, 09 7:27 PM
What's to do at 80?
Jul 27, 09 12:08 AM
Guild Meeting Notes 6-07-09
Jun 7, 09 12:53 PM
New Ranks and Bank Tabs
Jun 6, 09 11:45 PM
Welcome to Abandon All Hope website

This is a website for the guild Abandon All Hope on the World of Warcraft server Fitzcrank.  The site is used for out of game communication of events, posts, activities, and raids.

If this is your first visit to this site and you are a member of the guild, please register on this site with your main character name from the Guild.  Also add your alts so we all know who you are.

If you are looking for a great leveling guild with a mix of high and lower level characters, you have reached the right location.  Please whisper any member in the game for an invite to the guild and check out the rest of our site.

Bullet list for new members:

Other Guild News

How to Level Faster

Bolgarth, Sep 10, 09 7:27 PM.
For a quick leveling and assistance check out James Horde Leveling Guide.

I'm also a great fan of Carbonite for helping with the quests, their location, and what mobs drop which items.  The best place to get it is from  Download and install it by hand.  The ones from Curse and others that auto install are out of date or missing.

What's to do at 80?

Bolgarth, Jul 27, 09 12:08 AM.
Recently on guild chat someone asked "What do you all do once you hit 80?"

It's a good question.  AAH is a leveling guild to help us all get to level 80, but why?  What's at 80?  Sure you maxed your level out and can go all around the world, but what's there to do?

To answer that simply ... LOTS.  In some ways WoW is to games in one, one is the leveling side.  Getting your character up higher and higher with better armor, weapons, skills, etc.  The other happens when you are at 80.   You try to get your armor up better and better, do achievements, etc.  To accomplish this, 80's do Heroic Raids on dungeons.  This gives better drops on Epic Armor and Equipment.  Sounds easy, but it's not.  Think, if it takes 10 or 25 80's to go through a dungeon... I don't think I need to spell it out for you.  It's hard, but fun and rewarding.

Look to see you all at 80!


Guild Meeting Notes 6-07-09

Bolgarth, Jun 7, 09 12:53 PM.
Notes for Guild Meeting on 6-07-09:

We all met on top of the hill in Crossroads under an Umbrella with a grill.  Festivities soon broke out with dancing.  It was a great time.

It was determined that we should start having 2 planned Raids each week and use the Calendar for Signup and notification of the runs.  One run will be a lower level run while another will be a level 80 herioc run.

After the meeting a Raid was formed and we all went to the Hatchery to kill 50 Rookery Welps within 15 seconds.  It took a few tries but we all did it together and got the Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy! achievement!

We look forward to those who could not make it to join us next time!


New Ranks and Bank Tabs

Bolgarth, Jun 6, 09 11:45 PM.
Our last bank tab purchased!!!!  Woot to all!

With this the ranks and guild bank access is being redesigned.  The goals are:

1) Make the Bank less chaotic
2) Make the Bank funds avalible for repairs for ranks <60
3) Make Rank promotions to be valuable and the Senior Rank valuable and an honor to achieve

Please check the Ranks and Guild Bank changes in the information panel on the home page.  Please note the Rank Tab contains the old rank system and is not currently changeable.

These changes will go in effect Weds 5/27/2009.

If you have a Sergent rank currently, you will be moved to the appropriate senior rank automatically.

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